Growing Rate of Armed Robbery And  Kidnapping Within The Kintampo NORTH Municipality.


Growing Rate of Armed Robbery And  Kidnapping Within The Kintampo NORTH Municipality.

The growing rate of insecurity especially armed robbery and kidnapping in the country is becoming dangerous.

Notwithstanding, that of the kintampo north municipal has become a treat to the good people of kintampo.kinampo north is more or less a business hurb and a farming community.

About 95 percent of all males are farmers and same percentage of women are pety traders and business women. The women ply their businesses to places like Buipe, Npaha, Kumasi, Yeji, Zamarama, Spesika and so on.

These women go to buy and sell items like yams, cassava, plantain, pepper, beans, groundnuts, provisions, clothes etc.

But these days, it is becoming dangerous to undertake such business trips due to the activities of armed robbers.

The killings, maimings and robberies on the kintampo_New Longoro road, the kintampo_Apesika road and especially kintampo_Buipe road is so alarming. The robberies are uncountable but to prove myself, i will like to give few of the recent once.

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On the 4 the of this month (July 2021), a business woman was short dead by armed robbers between Gulumpe and Kawampe after they were robbed.That same date, a Fulani man was kidnapped at Ben Krom. That same day, two fulanis were kidnapped at Portor. Another Fulani was kidnapped at Kintampo that same day.

And again that same day, another Fulani man was kidnapped at New_Longoro. Isn’t these alarming comrades?

And for all you know, all the kidnappers are Fulanis living with us in the same communities. As for the rampant robberies, both Fulanis and some indegeions are involved. The robberies have now become a norm especially kintampo_ Buipe raod.

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These days, if you travel from kintampo to Buipe and back safely without encountering these armed robbers, then count yourself amongst the lucky ones.

The most unfortunate problem is that the police are under resourced to stand up to the armed robbers. Comrades, let’s take our personal security seriously and protect ourselves and not to rely on the police. Comrades, what should be the solution?

From the unmatchable communication officer for kintampo north HON Charles Gyinde
Tel. 0242529896.

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