Video: Guy becomes hero for taking girl’s number in front of her father


A gentleman became a hero among his friends in a viral video after he was brave enough to take a girl’s number in the presence of her father

The man was calm and unperturbed in the video although many people expected him to react to the boy’s request
Ghanaians have been expressing their varying thoughts on this.

A young man in Ghana has been wildly celebrated by his friends in a viral video after he boldly confronted his crush in front of her father and took her phone number.

The video that is circulating on Facebook saw the young boy making gestures of victory after he successfully obtained what could have otherwise been a difficult means to reach the young lady.Guy becomes hero for taking girl's number in front of her father

What seemed interesting about the video was that the girl’s father observed what exactly the boy was doing but he did not appear perturbed in any way, which is unusual of many Ghanaian fathers.

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How Ghanaians are reacting

Below were some of the funny and interesting reactions in the comment section of the video.

Betty Nikki Nettey said:

Dads are cool. He knows it is a man that will definitely marry his daughter so he has to give chance.
Cleopatra Budu indicated:

How will he know if she has given the father’s number to him
Lawrence Antwi mentioned:

He should check the number well, it could be the dad’s number
Nana Osei opined:

When a father can’t provide for his daughter he doesn’t have control over her, may God bless us with money so that our daughters never lack anything in this life

Boy Turns Hero; Hailed by Friends as Video Shows him Taking Girl’s Number in Front of her Father Credit: Vim Buzz
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They also lent credence to the story after adding four pictures, two showing them being loved up many years ago, and two revealing their current looks.

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