Happy Mother’S Day 2020: 10+ Best Quotes And Best Wishes, Eassy, To Send Your Mother.

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Mother is not just only a word, it’s a heart touching soul of human people.

Be a mother is not easy.

The role of a mother in our life isn’t explainable. Journey from 9 months in her body to death our moms never feel us bored life and do all things for us which isn’t possible.

Mother is name of that things which have a heart bigger than the Universe. Not only in humans animals and many others living things in world, mother is only things which consider and bare all difficulties in life for their children.

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@Best Quotes and Wishes for Mothers day :-

Mother's day

❤ Motherhood : All loves starts and ends here.

❤ My mother is a walking miracle.

❤ A mother arms are more comfortable than anyone else’s.

❤ Mother’s like buttons, they hold everything               together.

❤ Life began with waking up and loving my mother face

❤ Nothing is really lost untill your Mom can’t find it.

❤ Mother : The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.

❤ Mirror mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.

❤ Men are what their mother made them.

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❤ A mother’s love endures through all.


@Eassy on mother’s day:-

Sometimes I wonder why we celebrate certain people in our life. Should there be a reason for it? If reasons are the root for a celebration then Mothers day is celebrated with the strongest reasons.

A mother is:

a.  A care taker who expects nothing in return.
b.  A well wisher who stays by our side in every turn
c.  A teacher who corrects us every time we go wrong
d.  A guide to right path in every walk of our life

No matter what the reason is, a mother deserves much more than what she gets. She is an unbounded tender woman who can behold the family 24/7.

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