“He gave me only Gh¢1 to ch0p” – 15 years old girl says

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“He gave me only Gh¢1 to ch0p” – 15 years old girl says.

While searching for her mother’s whereabouts, a 15-year-old girl has revealed her painful experience after a man who used to give her 1 Ghana cedi got her pregnant. Her father’s sister, who had raised her since she was a child, refused to stay with her when she gave birth.

After that, she prefers to leave and live with the parents of the young guy who got her pregnant. In an interview with Oyerepa Afutuo Host, Ante Naa, this young Junior High School female student expressed her desire to find her mother, whom she has not seen since she was born.

"He gave me only Gh¢1 to ch0p" - 15 years old girl says
“He gave me only Gh¢1 to ch0p” – 15 years old girl says

This 15-year-old girl’s aunt talked on the radio station. And, according to the auntie of this 15-year-old girl, their daughter mustered the courage to sleep with the man in the man’s mother’s room, resulting in a pregnancy.

Regardless, the woman gave her the option of staying calm and staying with her but not seeing the baby after she gave birth, or leaving the lady’s house and having the opportunity to see the son.

This 15-year-old girl also talked on the radio station, and she shared the following information. “I slept with him because he used to give me GH1 when my mother’s GH2 levels were low.” We did it in my mother’s house when he was visiting me. “We slept together once, and I became pregnant,” says the woman.

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After telling her father’s sister about it, the young girl asked her to forgive her and return her because she was unable to care for herself and her newborn kid.

This is heartbreaking, and we hope her auntie forgives her and returns her to her home.

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