How to end relationship with your girlfriend if she cheats on you

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How to end relationship with your girlfriend if she cheats on you

I’m going to discuss with you the mature ways to end your relationship if she cheats on you. Take time and read to the end.

1. Tell her why you are ending the relationship. She may not have known exactly how this situation has effected you. It is probably more complicated than just jealousy (though jealousy may be a part of it). Explain the many things you feel and why it’s not going to work for you. You’ll feel better expressing your needs, and who knows, maybe she will learn something from your honesty.

2. Express your feelings and situation; don’t focus on them. Use ‘I’ statements: “I don’t feel comfortable with this. I was raised to be monogamous. I can’t feel safe, if you’re having multiple sexual partners. I need to find a relationship that meets my needs.”

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3 Do not be a Jerk. Even if you were lied to and told the relationship was monogamous, or you’re just plain grossed out by the idea of dating multiple people, nothing good can come from name-calling and being judgmental.

If, during the previous steps, you were completely honest, you will have already told her how you feel about the situation and, hopefully, how you feel about her.

If it doesn’t work out, understand that her lifestyle or personal needs don’t necessarily have anything to do with you! Everyone’s different, and has different needs and desires. Explain objective reasons without anger or judgement. i.e., “I’n not mad at you for dating other people, but I don’t want the same things.”

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4. Exit gracefully: if she ever changes her mind, you’ll be the first person she calls If you end up changing your mind, you’ll still be able to call her. Being non-abusive or mean is just the right thing to do!

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