How to get free internet data on MTN.

Free internet data on MTN.

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Free internet data on MTN is hidden from most subscribers of the network. The world has become small (global village) and internet data consumption has also increased. Social media is now a home of the youth.

MTN Loyality points is a program that Ghanaian MTN users to earn award as incentives for spending money on their phone.

How to get free internet data on MTN.
How to get free internet data on MTN.

This means you’ll get a value for the money you spend on your phone.

However your SIM has to be two years or more to be eligible to this program.

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How much internet data do you buy a day?

I’m sure the data you buy is not enough to sustain you on the internet, precisely social media. But thanks to Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) for introducing “MTN Rewards” to reward its customers.

How To Activate The Service
To activate free internet data on MTN, follow the below steps. Don’t skip any.

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How to Redeem MTN points

1. Dial *550#
2. Choose MTN Rewards
3. Select “check your points balance” to see the number of points you have.
4. Enter zero (0) to go back to step 3
5. Choose more (99)
6. Select “redeem points”
7. Then select from the pop up list of package you want. i.e. Airtime, data bundle, other rewards.

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