How to keep your vagina clean from discharge


How to keep your vagina clean from discharge is important to prevent infections.

It is perfectly normal and healthy to have some level of discharge from your reproductive organ as a lady.

However, it calls for concern when it gets to a certain level, and depending on the color it comes with.

Discharge from the virgina serves as a natural means through which it removes bacteria and dead cells. Natural fluids are produced by the virgina and cervix to keep it clean and free from infections.

The quantity, colour and smell of the discharge depends on the menstruation cycle of the female in question. Whatever the smell, amount and colour, it does not raise an alarm until it deviates from what it usually is, coupled with experiencing burning and itching around your organ.

How to keep your vagina clean from discharge
How to keep your vagina clean from discharge

There are several causes of abnormal virgina discharge, among which include; birth control pills, cervical cancer, the use of antibiotics, gonorrhea, scented soaps and lotions, diabetes, pelvic inflammatory diseases, irritation in and around the virgina and virgina atrophy.

Unhealthy virgina discharge can be prevented by the following measures;

1. Avoid washing deep into the virgin and you shouldn’t use highly scented soap around that region.

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2. You should practice personal hygiene by taking your bath as regularly as possible.

3. By wearing cotton made underwears and pants, and also you should avoid putting on too tight clothing.

4. After visiting the bathroom, you should wipe from front to back to prevent any bacteria infections.

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