How to Keep Your Woman – In 3 Simple Steps

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What goes on in a woman’s heart is what will make her loins heat up.

It’s no secret that women make emotional decisions rather than logical ones.

How to Keep Your Woman – In 3 Simple Steps
How to Keep Your Woman – In 3 Simple Steps

This means she becomes confused when she feels attraction for a guy who’s not her type, but will most probably go with her emotions and date the guy.

Without a doubt, even average jokes can make a girl fall in love during a conversation.

But beware, there’s a certain skill set you must acquire before you can move past your failures with women.

How To Make A Woman Completely Yours – In 3 Simple Steps!

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Step 1. Be Her Gallant Prince. Play to a woman’s fantasy by being charming and adventurous.

Even if you have to fake it, you must act the part of the chivalrous prince who pulls out her chair and opens the door for her.

You may have to fake it to pull this off, but even so, you can rest assured that you’ll have her interested.

Just make her feel like you are the man that she’s been dreaming of for so long.

Step 2. Establish Romantic Connection. You need to speak a woman’s language to connect with her completely.

Convey your emotions to her through words and she will think of you as emotionally available, sensitive, and lovable.

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Appeal to her innermost desires (basically, her bad girl side), then you mesmerize her with your words.

Step 3. Hypnotize Her! The last and most important step to making a girl feel totally in love with you is to use fractionation.

This is a handy hypnosis method you can use on women who play hard to get.

You make her feel emotionally bonded with you until she becomes desperate for your affection. You can pull it off in 15 minutes if you do it right.

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