How to make her cry in be.d

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How to make her cry in bed

Premature ejaculation as been a serious problem in every marriage this days,Men has resort to taking different kind of pills which will cause a damage to their body system on a longrun.
In this article,you will learn the natural way of preventing premature ejaculation.

If you can put this method am about to teach you in practise, i assure you that she will be crying like a baby and still tell you not to stop.

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1Three Big Ginger

2 Three Lime

3 Two Lipton Bags


1 Slide the three Big ginger and the three lime

2 Boil water in a kettle, and then pour the slide ginger and lime inside the kettle while the water boils….please dont forget to put the two bag of liptons inside the kettle too.

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How to make her cry in bed
How to make her cry in bed

3 Let all those stuff boil together for atleast 15 minutes

4 Drink it when it hots atleast 2 hours before you go sleep.

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