How to make money online in Ghana through mobile money


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How to make money online in Ghana through mobile money

A lot of people have been asking how to make money online, in fact there’s a lot of money on the internet. In this article you will get to know online businesses where you can make money and get paid through mobile money.

I have compiled some selected online jobs that pays well.

How to make money online in ghana through mobile money. These are legit online jobs that help you to make money online and get into your mobile money wallet.


Blogging is or of the lucrative online job career you can easily do and get money. All what you need is a domain and a hosting service.

Blogging simply means writing contents as a form of articles for website or a blog. A blogger must be consistent to make quick. You need more traffic to earn more money.

How can I start Blogging

There are platforms where you can start, the common ones are WordPress and blogger.

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How to make money online as a blogger in Ghana

If you are eager to know how to make money online through money money in Ghana, blogging is one of the online jobs I will recommend to you.

Blogger makes has a varieties of ways to make money from his or her blog through direct Ads, Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, guest posting etc.

You can contact me through WhatsApp if you are interested to start making money online.

How to make money online in Ghana through mobile money
How to make money online in Ghana through mobile money

How To List Businesses On Google Maps

Listing of business on google maps can be one the lucrative business opportunities to leverage on if you desire to make money online and get paid through mobile money in Ghana.

There are a lot of people that are using Google map to search for location when they are travelled, finding places like; restaurants, Hotels, Special food joints, and more.

Listing these kind of businesses on google maps make them popular for customers to find them online.

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How To Add Places On Google Maps

If you are in Ghana and you want to list your business on Google Maps, please follow the below steps;

These are the steps to follow if you are wanting to list or add location on google maps.

1. Open the Google Maps app on your device and click on contribute

2. Select add place

3. Type the name of the business, choose type of business from the categories.

4. Choose the address of the business, and you can use the map to set the location of the business

5. Add phone number of that business you are listing, working hours, website of business if any and day the business was launched (optional)

6. The final thing is to add photos of that business and upload quality images of the business so that Google will approve it fast

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