How to make your Partner realise his mistake

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How to make your Partner realise his mistake

Having some fights in the relationship is not a big deal. But at times, the fights increase to such an extent that they become the cause of worry. In order to normalise the situation, it is necessary to seek forgiveness. Many times, your partner fails to understand your annoyance.How to make your Partner realise his mistake

At times, he even ignores you as he knows he has made a mistake. In order to make your partner realise his mistake, you have to become active and should take a wise step. Let’s discuss how to make your partner realise his mistake in the relationship.

1- Stay calm.

Fighting over small things can lead to big troubles. If you are angry then keep yourself calm. Do not react. This will make them realise that you are annoyed.

2- Stay away for a while.

I think ‘distance’ is your best friend when it comes to making your man realize his mistake. Stay away from him for a couple of days. Go away and stay at your friend’s house or at your mother’s. And watch him come crawling back to you.

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3- Act sad and depressed instead of sulking.

Make him apologize from the heart. If you think that your guy is genuinely unaware of the fact that you deserve an apology for the way he behaved, act sad and depressed when he is around. Don’t sulk, because a rude vibe could make him think that you are deliberately trying to start yet another argument.

Try to be as silent as possible and whenever you need to say something, speak in a meek voice. Try not to be too expressive. Let your heart show its true state. If your guy still loves you, he will eventually pick up on your depressed behavior and take you in his arms.

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4- Play hard to get.

If your partner doesn’t realize that he has hurt you, he does not deserve any action inside or outside the bedroom. Play hard to get and ignore all his advances. That is one sure shot way of getting the man to think ‘What have I done wrong?’

5- Do not take revenge lightly.

Seeking revenge and finding ways to make him suffer might be tempting, especially if his offense was serious (such as cheating). Unfortunately, revenge usually ends poorly for both parties. Sometimes, revenge can go too far and land you in trouble. Instead of physical revenge, try emotional revenge, such as spending time with other people (especially males), or having fun without him. Ignore him, and keep your attitude cold and reserved when you must speak with him.

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6- Treat him indifferently.

Now, this requires some time and effort on your part especially if you have been waiting for him to talk to you before. On the chance that he strikes up a conversation with you, don’t be jumpy and giddy.

Talk to him as you would if you are talking to a colleague or office mate. He will immediately see the difference in the way you treat him and will start missing the warm way you treat him before.

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