How To Put On And Remove The Home Made Mask

Information reaching Nsempafie Media from the Medical Women Association of Ghana (MWAG) carefully indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic is compulsorily increasing demand of face masks. This has called for the invention of cloth masks.

MWAG is encouraging majority of people to rely on the cloth masks to reduce the demand of medical masks. In addition, the medical mask should be mostly used by health workers. The following are guidelines and procedures for knowing the face mask to use, how to wear and how to remove:


Why cloth mask for all?
1. To protect us all. Since there are people in the community with COVID-19 without any symptoms.

2. Reusable, Affordable. With the proper care, it will last longer and you save money on it.

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3. Reduce Spread. It is backed by evidence to reduce spread of COVID -19.

4. Reduce Pressure on Medical masks. So medical staff will have medical masks for hospital use.

Home mask

How to wear your home made mask:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize your hands for 20 seconds.

2. Dry your hands.

3. Cover your mouth and nose, leaving no gaps between the mask and your face and tie behind your head.

Do not touch the mask at any point during the day. (Wash or sanitize your hands immediately if you accidentally do).

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How to remove your home made mask:

1. Remove your mask when damp or visibly soiled or at the end of the day.

2. Get a bowl of warm soapy water ready.

3. Untie the mask from behind, lean head forward to remove and drop mask in hot soapy water to be washed immediately and sun-dried for 5 hours.

4. When mask is dry, iron with a hot iron.

Remember: Using masks are only effective if we ensure proper handwashing and social distancing.

Lastly, masks alone do not guarantee against infection. Please follow all the guidelines to protect yourself.

Source: ©Nsempafie Media, 2020.

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