I Will Pay You $171 Weekly If You Date Me – Lady

Men and women are at an emotional stalemate when it comes to what women need in a relationship.

In our relationships, we sense something missing. Most modern men are unable to completely penetrate their women, nor are women fully accessible to their men.

Women don’t open up and they don’t owe men what they need. Women feel angry and resentful; they suffer. When women struggle and feel like they’re not seen, they’re closing in on their men.

Fortunately, to be able to more completely penetrate your woman, you can learn the right tools. You should offer what she wants to your partner, helping her to feel seen so that she can open up again.

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Having this stunning and incredible lady coming out to reveal, however, that she is happy to pay R2500 weekly to any guy who is ready to date her seems overboard, but we can never tell how serious she might be.

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I Will Pay You $171 Weekly If You Date Me - Lady

Although money may not be any women’s problem, most men feel like their girlfriend/partner is kind of a liability to them. Because of this same scenario, even several relationships have ended where the lady depends on the guy for everything, but looking at this particular one, a different feeling would emanate on how my relationship looks.

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