“If you’re a celebrity and you want to use juju to harm me, then you’re shallow-minded” – Dabo Yaw

Samuel Nana, a well-known Ghanaian actor, “Shallow-minded folks,” according to Yaw Dabo, also known as “Adwen Kessie,” are among his colleagues who use juju to destroy others.

Only people with little sense, he claims, employ voodoo to harm others.

“If you’re a celebrity and you want to use juju to harm me, you’re a shallow person who has no idea what you’re doing. Because your job and mine aren’t the same, and we don’t earn the same amount of money, why should you be concerned about me?”

The Kumawood actor acknowledged on Oyerepa TV’s ‘Tie Bi’ show on Friday that there is black magic in the movie industry, as some people believe, but no one can harm him with it.

“I’ve always put my faith in Jesus, and I know that if you believe in Him, He will never let you down or fail to protect you.”

He stated that he has never used a charm to ruin someone and that he will never do so because he is not in competition with anyone.

“I’ve never gone to Juju to kill someone…. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for such frills….. What competition do we have for me to use juju to annihilate you?” ‘What’s the matter?’ he questioned.

“I suppose no one has sent me to Juju,” he continued, “and even if you do, it won’t work.”

Credit: Oyerepafm

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