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In Case Of Snake Bite, Do This Quickly To Avoid Imminent Death

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In case of snake bite, Do this quickly to avoid imminent death.

Snake Bite
Snake Bite

Snake bite is very dangerous and lead to death if not treated as urgency.

Try the below home treatment as first aid before seeking medication attention.

Bitter kola has a high level of antioxidant which helps the body to increase its immunity levels.

On the case of snake bite , Chew one bitter Kola quickly and it’ll neutralize the effect of the poison within minutes.

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As a snake repellant ; Get dried bitter kola and grind it to powdered form and spread it around the areas frequented by snakes or around the compound or around your house, if the snake crosses it, it dies within minutes.

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After you performed this, don’t keep the victim in the house, quickly send him or her to hospital for further treatment and management.

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