J. Cole returns with “Lion King on Ice”

J. Cole returns with “Lion King on Ice”

J. Cole returns with “Lion King on Ice,” one of two drop-offs on Wednesday (July 22).
Fans are in for a treat. J. Cole recently made a few revelations, one about his home life where he shared that he’s the father of two sons, and another about his professional life where he spoke about his upcoming release, The Fall Off. The rapper recently stirred up a bit of controversy with Noname after sharing his single “Snow on Tha Bluff,” and Noname responded with her track, “Song 33.” J. Cole has put that drama behind him as he prepares for The Fall Out rollout, beginning with two new singles including the track “Lion King on Ice.”

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The song is produced by Cole, T-Minus, and JetsonMade and adds itself to the growing list of ever-impressive releases from the Dreamville hitmaker. Expect to hear J. Cole once again showcasing introspective witty bars as he drops off a delivery that will make you anticipate The Fall Off even more. Stream “Lion King on Ice” and let us know your thoughts.

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Quotable Lyrics

Deep down inside, though, I still feel as broke
As that nigga who just graduated from college
Scrapin’ up change that got left in my pockets
I’m tryna make nickels turn into a dollar
Ridin’ the train, way too shy to go holle

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