Kevin Hart reveals his daughter’s reaction to his cheating scandal

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Kevin Hart has shared more details about his cheating scandal.

During an appearance on Red Table Talk in a special Father’s Day episode with Will Smith, the 41-year-old actor addressed cheating on his wife Eniko Parrish. At the time of the scandal, Parrish was eight months pregnant with their first child together.

Kevin Hart reveals his daughter's reaction to his cheating scandal

He also revealed how his 16-year-old daughter, Heaven, reacted to the news

“It’s very hard to bother me, but when your child shows disappointment, shows emotion, shows ‘I don’t understand why,’ and you’ve gotta have those conversations, well, now the head drops for the first time,” Hart told Smith. “And now you’ve realised that there’s a different emotional chord that can be pulled on you that nobody else has the privilege of ever touching.

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“And my daughter touched on that chord, man, you know, when me and my wife went through what we went through and the whole cheating display, I talked with Heaven. Goddamn. Goddamn, that was one like no other. Getting my daughter back. Getting my daughter to understand that I was sorry, that I made a mistake… That was real.”

“To understand, like, ‘I’m still Dad,’ you know?” he continued. “Like, you’re reading stuff, you’re- you’re- so everything — this is a child, right? Every child has the internet. There’s nothing that you’re gonna come across that you’re gonna read that isn’t gonna have an impression. A child? Everything has a meaning. My daughter was tough on me until this day.

“Until this day my daughter is tough on me. My daughter don’t play no games with her father, man.”
In 2017, Hart came clean about cheating on his wife. In an Instagram video, the comedian issued a grovelling apology to his wife of one year.
“Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I’m not perfect and have never claimed to be …I love you all,” he captioned the clip.

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In the video, Hart explained he was the target of an extortion attempt whereby he was filmed having sex with a model in his Las Vegas hotel room.

“And I just, you know, it’s a s—-y moment. It’s a s—-y moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behaviour,” he said. “But I’m also not going to allow a person to have financial gain off of my mistakes […] I’d rather fess up to my mistakes.”

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The couple share two children together: son Kenzo, three, and daughter Kaori, eight months. Hart also has two kids from his previous marriage: Heaven and Hendrix, 13


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