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Koku Anyidoho sacks His Wife from Their Marital Home – Wife laments In Video

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According to rumours swirling on the front desk of GhanaNewsPrime.Com, former NDC deputy General Secretary Koku Anyidoho has sacked his wife from their marital home following the death of their daughter, accusing her of being involved in the death.

According to our report, Kofi, Sitsofe and their mother (wife of Koku Anyidoho), were involved in a horrific car accident at Akuse on November 7, 2020, while returning to Accra from Tanyigbe with their two daughters.

While Kofi, their son, was unharmed, Sitsofe died in the crash and Jennifer, their mother, sustained injuries that forced her to use crutches.

Mrs. Anyidoho says that Koku Anyidoho left her in the hospital following the crash.

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Jennifer Yeboah said in an interview with GhanaWeb that Koku Anyidoho had exposed her to emotional abuse, which led to her alleged sacking from her matrimonial home by her husband.

Mr. Anyidoho, who had been away from their matrimonial home for many months,
hurried back when he learned about the crash, took his daughter to the mortuary,
and left with their son without checking to see how she was doing, according to
madam Jennifer.

“We were returning to Accra from Koku’s hometown when we were involved in an
accident… He went to Akuse Hospital with the two children, one of whom he delivered to the mortuary and he took care of the
other. He dropped me off at Akuse Hospital and told my sisters that I would not stay in his car and that they could drive me anywhere they wanted”.

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“I was admitted at 37 Hospital, he was there and he didn’t even try to check on me to see if I was alright. I was released three days later but he was back to the house for me. “My auntie came to take me to my
matrimonial home after I was released from the hospital,” she told Ghanaweb.

Mr. Anyidoho is also suspected by the heartbroken wife of poisoning their 5-year-old son’s mind against her.

He said I killed Sitsofe. And even the day he sacked me from the house, I asked my
boy ‘Kofi, let’s go…’. He told the boy to tell me, ‘tell her you won’t go, she will go and
kill you like how she killed Sitsofe…’” she recounted in the video.

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