Kumchacha Reacts To Fuse ODG After Burning Photo Of Jesus

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Kumchacha Reacts To Fuse ODG After Burning Photo Of Jesus

Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, famously known as Prophet Kumchacha, has slipped on hiplife artiste, Fuse ODG for consuming a photograph of “Jesus Christ”.

There is a video becoming famous online via web-based networking media where the artiste, held the image and set it on fire.

Despite the fact that there is debate over the said picture whether it is really Jesus Christ or not, a few people, particularly Christians, adore it as the representation of their Savior.

A few characters have assumed the job of Jesus in motion pictures whose pictures are depicted as the Son of God.

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Jim Caviezel, Ted Neeley and Robert Powell are among the entertainers that have played out that job, with the later coming out to state individuals should adore God rather than his image.

In any case, talking on Angel FM’s nightly news, checked by, the infamous righteous man, Kumchacha Fuse ODG “can’t hold up under the revile that will accompany the move he made”.

“Some even go to the degree of saying there is no God and when you read Psalm 14 stanza 1, it says it is just a dolt who says in his heart, that there is no God”, he included.

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Kumchacha addressed “for what reason didn’t consume Prophet Mohammed’s image and face the repercussions?”

He gave an occurrence where a youngster set the Bible on fire in Takoradi and got his two legs severed after he had a genuine mishap fourteen days after the fact.

When inquired as to whether that image is really the picture of Jesus Christ rather than an on-screen character, he said “we Believers trust it is Jesus and aside this, they make a ton of unwholesome remarks about Jesus and that is the reason I am approaching him to request absolution, else he can’t endure the outcomes”.

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