Kumchacha Reveals Sleeping With A Lady Is Sweeter Than Hoping To Be In Heaven – go for 4 rounds

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The Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha, has revealed that having sex with a lady on bed is sweeter than hoping to be in heaven.

Meanwhile, he has not been in heaven before. But this simile could come from a man of God based on what he has tested and comply before since he might knew sex very well but never be in heaven.

He made this revelation on Lucky TV’s show dubbed “Kyere Wo Do” a marriage late program hosted by Felicia on 5th March, 2021 marking the maiden edition of the program.

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According to Kumchacha, sex is very enjoying and no reasonable man will prefer anal sex to vagina because God intentionally designed vagina for many purposes but sexual intercourse is exceptional.

He added, having orgasm is a “pain killer” and good “reliever” of all troubles and it refreshes nerves and brains to help them function well accordingly.

He therefore exposed that, sexual intercourse is very useful and sweeter than to be in heaven for so many reasons.

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Base on his point of view, sexual intercourse is incomparable and for that matter he sees those above twenty years who are not married or interested in marriage as mentally disordered.

He hinted, praying for consideration to be in heaven will be in vain if you fail to satisfy your wife in bed and he is therefore advocating for marital sex than any other engagement in one’s life.

He lamented on the various sex positions. According to him, asked the woman what to do and there you are. The minimum dose should not be less than four rounds to deeply satisfy your wife.

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By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.Com

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