Kumerica men are stingy, don’t allow them b0nk you – H00kup Queen


Kumerica men are stingy, don’t allow them b0nk you

A h00kup Queen has disclosed to SVTV it’s important that young ladies who engage in hookups avoid men from kumerica.

According to her, your situation will move from bad to worst if you intend engaging in hookup in Kumasi.

She indicates that Kumasi men are stingy and will not pay for s3x so it’s imperative that young ladies who want to be in the trade avoid Kumasi.

The H00kup Queen said that’s the reason why young girls from Kumasi, Northern Ghana and the Bono and Ahafo regions zoom straight to Accra because the men in Accra pay very well.

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“For me, I won’t go to Kumasi and say I’m going to engage in hookup there because Kumasi men don’t pay. They will sleep with you and not give you anything so if you’re young and want to engage in hookup, don’t ever think of doing it in Kumasi because your time will be wasted,” she told SVTV in an interview.

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Kumerica men are stingy

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