Lady bites off armed robber’s manhood (pɛnis) | video


According to a statement to the Police,the suspect who has been identified as Emmanuel Ankron broke into her room and sɛxually assaulted her.


Justin narrated that,after she gained consciousness, she noticed that the 23year old robber was wielding a cutlass and locally made pistol and told ordered her to suck his penis which she obliged out of fear and in the process,bit off his penis as self-defense.

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The victim further stated that,in retaliation,he bit her back and fled the scene leaving behind the television set and mobile phone he had attempted to steal.

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Coincidentally,both the complainant and the victim visited the same hospital for treatment so,upon alerting the security officers there, Emmanuel was apprehended.Victim

Meanwhile, the police have retrieved the cut off penis from the crime scene and deposited it at the hospital for preservation.

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