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Life is difficult living in Ghana, I decided to scam people – fake fetish priest reveals

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A Ghanaian man, who pretends to be a fetish priest and has scammed countless people, has come out to confess reasons for his actions.

Coming from a very poor background where his single mother had to take care of him and his other siblings, he decided to come to Accra from the village to seek greener pastures.

“The pressure from home and not being able to even buy a piece of cloth for my mother after all her suffering and sacrifices pushed me into scamming,” he share

In an interview on Happy FM he shared: “In Accra, I realised life was even tougher than I imagined and it was full of people who were also struggling. I lived with my brother here in Accra and he convinced us to go see one Mallam who can help us and change our lives.”

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He stated that due to desperation he went ahead with his brother to this Mallam who they later realised scammed them.

“Upon seeing what he did, I thought I could also do same and make money to cater for my mother and siblings back in the village,” he noted.

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He went ahead to get the most important tool he saw the man use which was the magic black stone, made posters and pasted them around. He also bought a few pieces of red cloth and settled at a far place and started the business.

The man mentioned that not long after he did that, he started receiving phone calls from interested persons and that was how it all began for him.

“I got a book in which I recorded the name, purpose and amount everyone who came to me paid because I didn’t want to make any mistakes. The scheme went on well for a while and I was making enough money until I realized what I was doing wasn’t advisable and now I’ve changed”.

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He added that he is currently a changed man and does not scam people out of their money again.

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