Major Mahama crime scene was not protected – Investigator tells court

Major Mahama crime scene was not protected – Investigator tells court

The investigator in the Major Mahama murder case has told the High Court that, the crime scene of the late military officer was not cordoned off from intruders.

According to him, even though the practice of the police was to cordon off a crime scene, the crime scene of Major Mahama was not cordoned.

Under cross-examination from George Bernard Shaw, counsel for six of the 14 accused persons told the court that, even though the crime scene was not cordoned off there were Police and Military personnel at the premises of the crime.

Chief Inspector Agyakwa, the 14th Prosecution Witness said, “the crime scene was not cordoned but the place was safe because the military and police were there.”

Asked to explain what he meant by the place was safe, the investigator said, “I mentioned the place was safe because the following day being May 30, the police and military visited the scene and arrested some people so the place was safe.”

He also told the court, “Before we got there, the regional crime officers and Diaso police officers were there being led by their Commander ASP Agyeman, so on the following day, ASP Agyeman led the team to the scene.”

He explained that the town was completely empty because of the presence of police and military so no one was seen there.

William Baah, an assemblyman for Denkyira-Obuasi, now new Obuasi and 13 others have pleaded not guilty to charges of Abetment and murder.

They have been remanded into lawful custody by the court presided over by Justice Mariama Owusu.

source: atinkanews

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