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Marking The World Cancer Day, Madam Gladys Anima Has Given Education On Cervical Cancer

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Madam Gladys Anima (Nana Hemaa), the Incharge of Reproduction And Child Health Unit, Dormaa Municipal Health Directorate, has educated the people of Dormaa and beyond about Cancer as today, 4th February, 2021 marks World Cancer Day.

During her update about Cancer, she explained that cancer has many forms and can affect many and any part of human system.

She accordingly emphasized on cervical cancer infection. She explained the cervical cancer can attack females and through the reproductive organ “vagina”.

According to her, cervical cancer can seriously affect or attack females who engage in premarital sex practices. She said, females who are below twenty years should endeavour to avoid sexual intercourse or sexual affairs of any kind to help them avoid cervical cancer attack.

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She added, since the females in the lesser ages are not completely matured for sexual engagement, their reproductive organs are in development and their cervixes are not completely matured for sexual engagement.

Madam Anima also talked about dangers of smoking. She said, females who engage in smoking all sort of smoking contents leads to cervical cancer infection.

Meanwhile, females can also attract cervical cancer through history of inheritance. According to her explanation, one can be attacked with cervical cancer if any of her relatives has ever recorded positive of cervical cancer.

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Emphatically, she said females should desist or avoid “sex game”, thus, moving and shifting from man to man for sexual engagements.

In addition, she said, weak immune system can also lead one to cervical cancer infection. Due to that, she advises all females to have good feeding practices to help boost up their immune system that can aid in fighting more diseases and infections.

She finally declare that, all necessary avenues are available for combating and treating of cervical cancer and for that matter, all females are to report to the various health facilities available in all communities of Ghana for regular check ups for cervical cancer.

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