Married Man Impregnates Househelp Of His Side chick


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Married Man Impregnates Househelp Of His Side chick

A man with 4 kids has married for 15 good years, happens to be cheating with his wife’s best friend.

He dated his wife’s best friend who was their maid of honor during their wedding for 5 years.

This man has messed up after he went on to impregnate his side chick’s househelp. The side chick too has threatened to break the affairs to his wife.

He’s confused big time and don’t know what to do. He is seeking for for advice.

Married Man Impregnates Househelp Of His Side chick
Married Man Impregnates Househelp Of His Side chick

He posted the below on his Facebook wall;

Good day drive team, My name is Eric. Friend of the show, I need your help. I am in hot waters hmmmmm. Where do I even start from? Well…I have been married for 15 years with 4 children. I have messed up big time, yes big time. Long and short of the story is that I have impregnated my side chick’s househelp.

Now my side chick is threatening to tell my wife about our affair and the fact that I have also impregnated her househelp. What makes matters worse is that my side chick is my wife’s best friend. In fact, she was our maid of honor during our wedding and we’ve dated for 5 years.

I am really ashamed of myself. I want to break the news to my wife before she does but I’m super confused and afraid, what should I do please? Where do I even start from?

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