Maurice Ampaw Condemns Salinko’s Wife For Disclosing How Salinko Handles Her In Bed – Salinko Goes Hours

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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has totally condemned Salinko’s Wife, Nancy Owusu for revealing how her husband handles her in bed to the extend of disclosing the hours he goes with her in bed when making love as husband and wife.

Lawyer Ampaw made this condemnation on Wontumi TV on 14th February, 2021 on a program “Mmra Ne Abrabo Mu Nsem” hosted by Obaa Adwoa Nelson.

During the program’s weekend and Vals Day edition, Mr. Ampaw emphasized on whom a virtuous woman is. And through his comments, he recalled what Mrs. Nancy Owusu said about her husband Salinko who double as an actor and a politician.

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According to Mr. Ampaw, the woman should have not put such statement bear to public with a mere motive of praising her husband.

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He said, what Mrs. Nancy did is break of privacy and it is against the husband’s dignity and privacy.

He added, as married couples, what transpires between you in bed should remain secret until it is in criminal and or medical situations or otherwise.

He hinted, what the woman did will have moral and emotional effects on them if care is not taken.

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Meanwhile, the woman did not merely leak the sexual endurance in bed, she added that, her husband Salinko likes waist beads and she always wear it to boost up his ability to penetrate well for more than an hour especially when she is ovulating.

She confessed that, there is nothing like class or level when she is with her husband in bed.

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These statements gingered Mr. Ampaw to conclude that if all she said is really true, then this must inform the public that, Mrs. Nancy might have being and roamed with different men before looking at how she attests to that, her husband has no class in terms of love making.

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By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.com

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