Meet the slαч Ǿuєⱻn who broke a guy’s pⱻn¡s dur¡ng Ȿⱻ×

Meet the slαч Ǿuєⱻn who broke a guy’s pⱻn¡s dur¡ng Ȿⱻ×

A slαч Ǿuєⱻn has described a disturbing event she had when hσσk¡ng up with a guy in a hσtєl rσσm. Akua Timber, the slαч Ǿuєⱻn, has gotten a lot of attention on the internet.
Her pals at the University of Ghana, Legon, allegedly introduced her to the hσσkup industry.

She explained that she had been in the hσσkup industry for three years and had amassed a sizable income from it.

She met a guy named Richie, and the two of them agreed to spend some time in bed together. They made plans to meet at the Alisa Hotel.

Everything was going according to plan until things abruptly changed. “That night, we tried a lot of different ways in Ꙏⱻd, but I accidentally damaged his rigid mαnhσσd by exerting pressure and stress during the ¡ntⱻrcoursⱻ.”

Richie began to scream in great pain, she explained. She raced to seek for assistance, and he was brought to the nearest hospital. Richie suffered a “Pⱻnilⱻ fracture,” according to the physicians when they arrived at the hospital.

Richie was sent to 37 Military Hospital for emergency surgery to repair his shattered mαnhσσd, according to her. “That day, I was humiliated, but his family arrived and took care of his medical costs.” She said.

She posted;

My name is Akua Timber. My friends at UG introduced me to hσσkup business and I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and
I’ve made some fortune out of it. Just last months, I had a very terrible experience and which I will like to share with everyone.

I met a guy called Richie and we decided to hσσkup at Alisa hotel and have a good time together. We met there in the evening and everything was going perfectly as planned.
However, something happened and I got scared.

Unfortunately, I broke his pⱻn¡s during ¡nt¡mαcy. I think the pressure and tension I put on his mαnhσσd was too much. He started screming in pa¡n and we immediately rushed him to the nearest hospital. The doctors told me he has
experienced a pⱻn¡le FRACTURE, which means his mαnhσσd got broken and he needed an emergency surgery.

He was later rushed to the 37 military hospital for the surgery. Fortunately for me, his family members come to the hospital and settled his medical bills. I went home that night and I couldn’t believe what had happened.

Meet the slαч Ǿuєⱻn who broke a guy's pⱻn¡s dur¡ng Ȿⱻ×

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