Men Love Women Who Wear Beads

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Have you ever wondered why ladies wear waist beads? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably to give them shape. So they say. Well, it will interest you to know that apart from enhancing their body shapes, waist beads are worn for other fascinating purposes.

The tradition of waist beads can be traced as far back as the 15th Century. It was popularized by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Back then, waist beads were worn as a symbol of womanhood, protection and fertility. Over the years, this has seen many transformation.

Today, ladies put on waist beads for various reasons. Even the positioning of waist beads have changed. Some hang them exactly the waist line while others hang them loosely to sit on the hips. Others also wear them above the navel. Even the number worn varies depending on individual interest.

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You may have heard that waist beads are weight checkers. A purpose that is also widely known. Mothers used to check weight of their daughters through waist beads.

A mother will know that her daughter is gaining weight when the beads are becoming tighter to the skin of the child. Children whose beads become looser than they were worn depicts that such kids have lost weight. The story is not different today as many ladies use beads to measure their weights.

Do you also know that waist beads are mediums of communication? Every bead colour sends a message. White beads are a symbol of purity or virginity. Ideally, this colour should be worn by virgins.

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Red beads communicates to a guy that his lady is in that period of the month that she can not go intimate with her guy. Gold beads symbolizes wealth and richness. And so does every colour carries a message.

Instead of verbally communicating these messages, beads do the magic though most guys are ignorant about this trick.

Guys, you don’t need any adult content to get you working. The beads on a lady’s waist are enough mood enhancers. In case you did not know, some men play with their ladies’ waist beads to get them sexually active.

After intimacy,caressing the woman’s beads for a while can bring back the bond. The mere sight of waist beads is enough to drive a man wild.

And like rings worn on figures, some waist beads serve spiritual purposes. Such beads may appear a bit different from the normal waist beads mostly evident from the thread that holds the beads. Apart from the thread, everything else looks normal just like the normal beads worn for other purpose.

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Next time you see your partners beads, don’t assume you know the role. Listen to the message they carry. And like you would with a baby, play with them. Women are interesting beings and so are everything associated with them.

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