My Fiancee Wants A Wedding In Two Weeks But Are These Warning Signs?

My Fiancee Wants A Wedding In Two Weeks But Are These Warning Signs?

Good morning ma,

Please hide my ID if you decide to post my issue. I met my fiancee about a year and half one day on my way to walk. We shared a seat in the bus that day. My car broke down and I was using public transport for the time being. Meeting her changed my life.

Linda (not real name)is smart and intelligent. Also very godly. She is a committed member of one of these big Pentecostal churches where she is a church worker. She gave me her number and after chatting for a month,agreed to be my girlfriend. She made me want to be a better Christian. Of course,there was no s*x even though she allowed me kiss her once in a while.

Linda is actually 4 months older than me and we are both inseparable. My family loves her and her family has accepted me. Our wedding was supposed to be in April but because of the lock down,we posted it to July,which is next month. Being engaged and in love is not easy. But Linda always tried to stop me anytime I start kissing her and going too far.

I want her more and more and cant wait for the day she will become my wife so I can make love to her the way I have always dreamed. However,something happened that changed everything.

Linda has never spent the night in my place before but one day during the lock down,she came visiting and somehow,we lost track of time,so she could not go home as the curfew had started. I told her to spend the night and promised to behave myself. But we watched a movie that night and maybe the movie aroused us cos when we started kissing…even Linda couldn’t stop me.

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For a split second,I tried to say:babe…should I stop,she didn’t respond so I carried on.What surprised me  was that Linda was really into this. I could tell she wanted it too. And that really excited me. We made mad passionate love. It was intense and all through the night. Personally,I was quite surprised at Linda’s experience with s*x.

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That would have been the happiest day of my life. I was like,is this what I have been missing? Linda climaxed more than 3 times and the third time exploded like a bomb. And everything went south….Linda called out her ex name as she climaxed. I know the guy’s name because she told me. It was unbelievable and in one split second.

I was shocked and stopped immediately, looking at her. She realized what she had done and tried to behave like she did not know what she was doing. In her defense,she said the last time she had s*x was when she was with her ex,two years ago and being in the moment,she must have felt she was with him again.

As a guy,that really hurt me. I was like,why call another dude’s name during s*x with me. She made me believe it was because she has not had s*x for so long and the last person she did it with was her ex. Her explanation seemed right. I mean,I know she is not a virgin but calling another guy’s name…maybe the experience took her back to her last time…I don’t know…what else should I have believed?

Anyway,after that night,Linda refused to allow me and said we must keep our promise not to have s*x until after marriage. The only problem now is,Linda is pregnant! Six weeks pregnant. She just found out and she is very upset. She says its from the night we made love that day she slept over.. I recall getting her the after pill the next morning so I am a bit taken aback that she is pregnant.

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Our wedding is in July,but Linda wants us to get married in 2 weeks. She is afraid of showing and being expelled from her position in church if she is found to be pregnant. I told her,2 weeks time will make no difference as our wedding is July 25th. Linda is frantic and says 25th is too far,that she will be showing by then.

I love Linda but my spirit tells me something is wrong. Her pushing the wedding forward is creeping me out. Even if she is pregnant and I am the father,why rush it,after all,I am not denying her? Why is she so afraid of being expelled,we can get married in my church or any church or even do court wedding only if the church does not allow us.

So,I had a dream and in the dream,Linda was crying and apologizing to me that the pregnancy is not mine. Note,I am hardly a dreamer. I cannot remember the last time I had a dream and this one is really disturbing me. I told my Auntie that raised me cos I lived with her more than my family.

Auntie said she also had a dream. That she was told to pray for my upcoming marriage in the dream…that something evil was going to happen but if she prayed,it will not. So,she has been praying . She said she did not want to alarm me so she prayed and fasted for me.

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Ma,with my dream,my Auntie;s dream, Linda calling her ex name during s*x with me,getting pregnant and calling for a hurried wedding…I am getting paranoid. What am I missing here? Is Linda trying to pin another man’s pregnancy on me? We dated almost 2 years,never had s*x,only once we did it and she is pregnant and wants to get married immediately?

I know she is a good girl but why do I still feel the way I feel? Should I confront Linda? Should I investigate her? Or am I just getting worried for nothing…She has never given me reason to doubt her faithfulness except that night when she called that dude’s name and with these 2 dreams…I feel confused…I appreciate your counsel and advise from others here. Please what do you think?

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