My Society Can Not Stay With This Visitor – Its Rules Are Unsual – COVID-19

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Quite recently the world received a great Visitor called COVID-19. Most countries thought it would just wave at us in transient manner.

But the report from “WHO” indicates it would stay with us world-widely for some months..

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This enthuses most scientists to research for the causes, prevention and the healing management protocols.

First of all, in Ghana, COVID – 19 Causes, Recovery Management and Prevention Protocols are widely broadcasting from the Presidency, Information Ministry, Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to the entire public.

In fact, what makes it dangerous is the character and mannerism of some Ghanaians. Most people are used to traditional practices of life.

Nsempafie Media upon this difficulties for reshaping some of our addicted traditional living practices which are not practicable nowadays because of this pandemic, wishes to outdoor some observed practices and measures that could also help manage the situation..

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My Society Can Not Stay With This Visitor - Its Rules Are Unsual - COVID-19
We apologize for it’s quality

It could be a pleasure if the ministry of information could come down to the local communities to use the private or individual information centres at the various lorry stations and markets to mount on COVID-19 Campaign or education in the community based languages.

Suggesting that those campaign or education could be assisted by at least some voices of NCCE preferably be in recorded and edited form. This could help the sensitization processes very simple and to the grassroots..

My Society Can Not Stay With This Visitor - Its Rules Are Unsual - COVID-19

Furthermore, it is highly observed that the
sensitization programs are often done with or by the various media. We have been observing that media platforms like tv staging are lacking good practice of wearing face masks. And the viewers trust what ever tv screens educate or present. Most of the tv talk shows fail to comply these protocols.

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Aside those in-house production errors, fellow journalists who report from or within the crowd or on streets also fail to abide by this face masking measures.

In addition, social distancing has been another enemy to practice. From the markets to our common homes grade about 30% failure in most communities in Ghana.


Moreover, the process of handling the veronica buckets hand washing is also troubling. This is highly not perfect when visit places such as the public toilet. It all boils to improving the mode of sensitization or education on this pandemic.

Substantially, it seems about 70% using face masks contaminate them oftentimes. The proper usage of face masks are not well understood by most users especially those compelled to use.

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Concerning this face mask issues, Nsempafie Media has numerous evidence of some learned, campaigners, educators and analysts who often pull their face masks low jaw, leaving the mouth and nose exposed whilst talking energetically and busily on tv and radio.

We apologize for it quality

With this practice, majority are emulating those so-called experts which is not welcoming in this season.

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We love all lives.
Stay COVID-19 free.B

y Kwaku Koland ©️Nsempafie Media, 2020.

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