Nurse slaps patient on bed of touching her “B00rtus”


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And it’s not just about whether the victim finds the behaviour offensive. A reasonable person would need to have self control.

How will you feel if someone does the same thing to your mother & your sister. You will not feel happy, right? Why do the same thing to others.

Nurse Slaps patient on bed of touching her "B00rtus"
Nurse Slaps patient on bed of touching her “B00rtus”

A popular Nollywood actor has taken to his Instagram account to share a video of a sick man lying on a sick bed Been attended by a female nurse only for the sick man to touch the Back side of the nurse.

Well, it didn’t end well for him the nurse responded by giving him a slap. Imagine you were this nurse treating your patient all of a sudden he started touching your backside for no reason.Nurse Slaps patient on bed of touching her "B00rtus"

Men should grow up and stop assaulting ladies. The poster Asked if the was right to have touched the backside of the nurse or was he wrong. To me he was wrong, but I don’t know about you Tell us your own view of this story if you were to be the nurse what will you do to him.

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