Obenefo Kwabena Sika writes, ‘Causes of road accidents in Ghana’


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Obenefo Kwabena Sika writes, ‘Causes of road accidents in Ghana’

Road accidents in Ghana has taken many lives away and has cause many people to be disable people causing them to suffer more in doing their daily activities and going to work and other important places.

Obenefo Kwabena Sika
Obenefo Kwabena Sika writes

Many Ghanaians see road accidents to be the cause of drivers prying various roads.

Not all road accidents are caused by drivers but the inappropriate state of road signs and lack of road signs are factors that causes road accidents in Ghana.

Some indications on some road signs are being faded out, other road signs facing the opposite side of the road causing drivers not to know the exact hazard they are approaching.

Broken road signs also cause road accidents which the Government of Ghana, Ministry of Roads and Transport and the Ghana Highway Authority should be blame and act quickly in solving such problems in the country.

Problems like this can easily be seen on the Techiman to Kintampo road.

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source: Obenefo Kwabena Sika

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