Pastor gun down armed robber, reveals robber’s last words before the Police arrived


Pastor gun down armed robber, reveals robber’s last words before the Police arrived

Armed robbers have no limits to who they want to harm. They have been seen harming people here and there and this has only one purpose, to steal from them and strip them of their possessions.

Pastors are known to be godly and spiritual. But did you know that some of these men of God don’t only protect themselves spiritually but physical too?

They believe that men are wicked and as a result, they need to protect themselves from evil men just to continue saving souls for Christ.

The action that pastor Emmanuel Takyi of a Pentecost at Kotie-Deduako church branch in Kumasi against these robbers is one that everyone is talking about.

According to the wife of the pastor, Mrs. Takyi who happened to be the narrator of the event, she revealed that she was shocked and at a point and got chills all over her by the surprising event.

Whiles narrating the story, she revealed that she heard a knock on the door late in the night. And this was an unexpected knock.

She revealed that her daughter who had just returned from school (nursing training ) never knocked at her door in the middle of the night and this made her fear after hearing the knock.

After asking who it was and why she was knocking at the door, there was silence for sometime. She later responded that Mum it is me. But the pastor and his wife sensed that there could be something wrong.

After suspecting this, the pastor removed his pump action gun and loaded it. He was ready for them but didn’t know how to execute his plans so according to Mrs.Takyi, her husband asked her to open the door and go down right after.

Pastor gun down armed robber, reveals robber's last words before the Police arrived
Pastor gun down armed robber, reveals robber’s last words before the Police arrived

She quickly opened the door and went down whiles Mr.Takyi fired instantly. Reports from the wife who happened to witness the whole show, the bullet hit one of the robbers who were facing the door with the rest running away.

And she believes they ran off after the second shot sparked fire after hitting a metallic part of the door.

Whiles narrating the sad event, the pastor also revealed that the armed robber faintly said, pray for me pastor I don’t want to go to hell. The pastor said immediately he started praying for him, he helplessly relaxed his body and lost his spirit (died).

Mr. Takyi claims there is nothing wrong in wanting to protect your families if you are genuinely holding the weapon for a positive reason.

He also thanked all his church members who came to his aid when this incident happened. Share your ideas on this in the comment section.

By: Richisen

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