Pastor jubilates over the death of Prophet T.B Josua (Video)

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The news of TB Joshua’s demise came in Sunday morning at the time Senyonga was presiding over a service at his Church located in Makerere Kavule and relayed live on television.

A seemingly jubilant Senyonga told his congregation that in the middle of the service, he received several calls informing him of Joshua’s death.

“We have received news that a false prophet that we know very well – we know him very well not because we are related to him but as a false prophet. TB Joshua in Nigeria has died and we don’t know the cause of his death yet,” Senyonga said.

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He says it victory for what he called a destroyed soul that has been leading millions of other souls into ‘darkness’ to die for them to get retrieved as well as protecting new ones from falling victim.

“If one person can destroy a thousand lives, ten thousand lives – he had a following of one million people yet he is fake. He taught these false prophets here in Uganda what to do. He lies and he fakes different things,” says Senyonga.

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He reiterated that him and children of God are celebrating Joshua’s death not because he is dead but because the individuals he allegedly misled now have an opportunity to seek and find the true gospel.

“We are not rejoicing that he is dead, we are rejoicing that the ten thousand and twenty thousand and a million souls will live now in Jesus’ name,” Senyonga reiterates.

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He would then ask the congregation to clap in appreciation to God “for bringing victory to his children.”

Watch the video below for more :

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