Pastor k!sses Almost-naked Female church member for Winning a Modeling Contract [Video]


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Pastor k!sses Almost-naked Female church member for Winning a Modeling Contract

So where are some Ghanaian pastor taking Christianity to? Nowadays any person can call himself or herself a Prophet or Prophetess as far as he or she can read the bible and lie to the congregation. Is this a reality or a movie?

There’s this viral video spotted by which is published on Instagram by blogger @ sirr_kollins have a pastor prophesying a lady who came to the church almost Na.ked.

According to the pastor, the lady who is in only “bra and dross” has been signed by a modeling agency. He says when you are close to God, you have freedom.

Pastor k!sses Almost-naked Female church member
Pastor k!sses Almost-naked Female church member

The pastor of the church called “End Time Church Of Blinks” whose name is unknown asked the lady to turn 360 degrees for him in the church to see her behind goods.

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He also called another church member to prophesize her, saying she’s wearing “beads”, and she responded ‘yes’. The disgraced and embarrassed pastor asked her to remove the beads in front of the church members.

According to him the lady’s ‘beads’ contain a demonic spirit, he has to deliver with anointing oil.

Pastor k!sses Almost-naked Female church member

The video has left netizens asking questions if it’s a movie scene or reality happening in Ghana? The answer is yes, it’s real and it happened in Ghana here. So, that is the extent some our so-called pastors have brought Christianity in Ghana to.

The pastor went ahead to k!ss the lady who’s almost na-ked and allowed her to sleep on top of him as he lie down on the ground in the church.

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The church members were also happy chanting and shouting, prophesize, “hyɛ nkɔm na wo yɛ odii”

The video was recorded by one of his church member at his blind side.

So, if these kind of pastor are existing in Ghana, will God even get a soul?
This is too bad to Christiandom.

Watch the Video Below;

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