Phone Seller Drops ₦akk3d Video Of A Facebook Slayqueen [+Video]

Phone Seller Drops ₦akk3d Video Of A Facebook Slayqueen (+Video)

It is advisable to reset your phone when going to swap with phone dealers because you don’t know what you might have not deleted.

A video has been sighted online and fast going viral and the reactions from the ladies fans were commenting that, the video was dropped by the phone dealer she swapped her phone from.

The video involves a guy and his JHS girlfriend enjoying themselves in a poor after they neglected class to the pool site.

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According the report the video was shot my a friend of them and forgot to delete the video before she sold out her phone to a cell phone seller at circle.

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He couldn’t keep it allow and then share to social media.

Click to Watch and Download The Video 

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