Playing with the clit○ris is an exercise, not masturbation – Actress


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Playing with the clit0ris is an exercise, not masturbation – Actress

Expert fashion designer cum actress, Amma Serwaa, says she does not understand why a woman touching her private part is termed as masturbation.

According to her, it is sometimes helpful for women to play with their private parts because it helps her identify her pleasure points so as to make sexual intercourse enjoyable both for herself and her man. She queried that if a woman touches her vagina at any point in time, would that count as masturbation?

“If your husband or your boyfriend is having sex with you and you massage your clitoris in the process for extra stimulation, does that also count as masturbation?

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Why do they call it masturbation when we exercise our clits? If we can exercise our bodies, then why can’t we exercise our pussy?” she questioned.

Amma stated that masturbation should be seen as an exercise too because she does not see why we can exercise our bodies and not exercise our vaginas.

She voiced this during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on the special pool edition of eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen’ adult edutainment show.

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The actress advised that women need to explore their bodies so that they can know their bodies well enough to direct their men on where and how to touch them, to ensure that they have great sexual experiences.



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