Pregnant women carried on wooden board to Hospital

As a result of bad roads in some parts of the country, many pregnant women have died or given birth on their way to the hospital.

Some roads are so bad that drivers hesitate to ride on them for fear of causing damage to their vehicles.

Those who gamble their automobiles are often charged at exorbitant rates. As a result, many people have turned to motorcycles and bicycles to get around in their everyday lives.

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The majority of these societies with this type of issue lack hospitals and schools. Before they can visit hospitals, they must travel a long way to the next community.

On a regular basis, schoolchildren must walk long distances in order to get to school. Before they may enter the classroom, some of them must swim across a river or stream.

According to Captain Smart’s Facebook page, the photo shown here was taken in Enchi, Ghana’s Western region.

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The pregnant woman was about to give birth, but the road was so poor that they had to take her to the hospital on wooden planks.

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