Rape victim refuses to testify against abuser

Rape victim

Rape victim refuses to testify against abuser, begs police for his contact as she revealed that he satisfied her


It was gathered that the suspect’s rape attacks began in March 2017, where he would gain entry into his victims’ houses through windows left open.

Once inside, he would search the house for cell phones before raping the victims without protection.

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Chabaya was accused of targeting tertiary students under the age of 24 before breaking into their homes at night to rape them.

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He would tell his victims he was good in bed and they would call him begging for more.

Before raping his victims, the suspect who was always armed with a knife is said to have toyed with the women.

He was arrested in April 2017 after police matched his DNA to an earlier robbery case in which he suffered a cut on his hand while escaping.

However in spite of the lady’s refusal to testify against her abuser, the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the sexual intercourse occurred without the victims’ consent.

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Ruling on the case, Magistrate Willie said rape cases were on the increase in Botswana and perpetrators like Chabaya deserved stiffer sentences.

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