Reasons Why Most Media Workers Often Keep Jumping From Media House To The Others For Employment

Reasons Why Most Media Workers Often Keep Jumping From Media House To The Others For Employment

The broadcasting industry consists of radio and television stations and networks that create content and disseminate to the public. This industry has many career of workers performing different duties to come out with a unifying content or production to the public.

In fact working in this industry is very fantastic especially those who come on screen or air. But questions have been asked whether it is a lucrative industry?

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To become a rich journalist, broadcaster or media staff, you probably need to create a following, have the audience enjoy your personality on screen or air and gain considerable influence over the population you reach out to. Sponsorships will then come in and with bigger interviews thanks to your influence, you will also be able to earn more.

It is recently observed that some media personalities are addicts of switching from media house to the other due to some hidden factors. One of them is failure to withstanding the “pressure” in media work.
Media is a tough business where there are pressure in daily duty discharges. Therefore an applicant should reconsider the stressful nature of the career before commitment. The late regression calls for switching to other sister station!

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Meanwhile, some media workers though considering the stress indeed in the career, go deep to sign contract agreement with owners of media houses for years. Take accumulation of some percentage of money before commencing duty. With this, despite the Stress of the work, you are compelled to report regularly at post irrespective of the working condition. This burden also put off most media staff to move to other station.

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Furthermore, others also change media house because of wealth. They somehow think once being popular, vibrant and experienced, they can be bought or hired at higher price. Obviously, it is true! Especially, when they are poached with greater offer, they quickly resign for the other media house’s deal.

Moreover, other media staff also take their first or initial stations as stepping stone for gaining industrial experiences. Afterwards, they quite to other or self considered greater media houses. Switching is just a natural extension of their long-term agency relationships and agenda.

In addition, others also shift because of the workload and extensive working hours. Many broadcast employees have erratic work schedules, sometimes having to work early in the morning or late at night. This practice or engagement risk their health and later put them off from the station. Those victims loose interest and look for other place where few hours will be given to reduce stress.

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Consequently, most of the switching is rampant because of salary and mode of payment. It is clear that majority of media house are private -owned outfits and decide on different salary and payment mode or criteria. Obviously, some organizations may have recommending and fat salaries while others may not.
This equation leads to a staff moving from such platform to other favourable one simply for financial development. In fact, associate conditions and offers like daily or weekly allowances, good pension plans and payment of social security, accommodation, transport allowance, staff welfare and what have you, are contributing factors for a media staff to work with a particular media station for years or not.

Conclusively, the working environment is also crucial factor that influences most media workers for jumping from one media house to another. Most employees in this industry like working in clean and comfortable surroundings where will fetch them pride and honours.

Most often, they prefer getting car parks, canteen, archives, free data or WiFi network, free phone calls, comfortable and self cubicles or offices etc to none to enthuse their working ability. When the media house lacks such facilities, some experienced and popular staff connect to finding their way to other able media station to work.

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For many people, the excitement of working in media compensates for the demanding nature of the work. Although the industry is noted for its high pressure and long hours, the work generally is not hazardous.

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