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Repair Faulty Traffic Lights Now – Drivers To Authorities

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Drivers in Dormaa Municipallity has complained of the breakdown of traffic lighting systems in the Municipallity.

Dormaa Ahenkro has only three traffic lighting terminals of which all the three Traffic Lights and switch units are not functioning for some time now.

When the drivers were addressing the matter to the media, they said, most of the vehicle users were not used to driving under traffic lights regulations until the community had traffic lights and from there, they all learned how to drive with traffic lights regulations. But now, since the traffic lights are not working, they find it difficult to drive especially during market days and at night.

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Others also complained about how the tricyclists and bicyclists confuse them in areas where the traffic lights are stationed is much disturbing for that matter they are calling for immediate maintenance to help restore decent driving protocols in the Municipallity.

According them, some have made attempts to speak to the authorities at the Municipal Assembly and the Police but no improvement has been made.

Their cry is not only that they cannot drive without traffic lights but to help reduce risk of accidents and confusion at the malfunctioning traffic lights terminals.

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They added, before the traffic lights could halt working, the traffic lights started somewhere last year during the raining season by issuing wrong directional signals and they reported but till the traffic lights went off, no maintenance has been made.Repair Faulty Traffic Lights Now - Drivers To Authorities

Though the community has only three traffic lights terminals, it is enough for the road users if those three terminals are active and can give out good directional signals.

More importantly, the Traffic Light terminals at the Tuesday market and the centre of the town linking to the main lorry station are much worrying because most vehicles ply on those areas often.

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They are pleading with the authorities in-charge of these traffic lights to attend to them immediately to help protect lives and give them good driving environment in the Municipallity.

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