Saddick Adams Blasts Premier League Club For Carrying Players In Kia Bongo

The Sports Head and Host of “Sports Salad” of Angel TV/Radio of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) has expressed his critics on the nature of vehicles that some premier league teams use on match days in Ghana.

Saddick Adams who is known as Sports Obama on air said, it is time Ghanaians have to understand the business of football.

According to him, failure to invest well in football management will never project the team in any way. So owners should understand football is a complete capital intense venture and if not prepared, do not try because it is a long term profit making business as well.

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He added, the owners of Ghana premier league teams should invest greatly and well to gain positive returns.

According to Obama, the welfare of players is very countable and necessary in the development of the playing body psychologically.

The welfare should not be only food but others like means of transportation. He recalled last year six players died out of being transported by unsafe vehicle.

The playing body is the team and their welfare is the first thing to consider because they form more than ten people and each and everyone has his problem and wishes. At the same time, they communicate and they can waste the team’s resources if they unite on a decision negatively for the team.

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In fact, all premier league teams in Ghana should have at least one vehicle which is in good state for the team to perform well at all times.

By Alex Konlan/GhanaNewsPrime.Com

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