Samini Promises To Do More As Legendary Status Chases Him


A Ghanaian renowned reggae and dancehall artiste, Emmanuel Andrews Samini (born 22 December 1981 in Accra, Ghana), known by his stage name Samini (formerly as “Batman” who comes from Wa, Upper West region of Ghana, is today on the writing fingers of Ghanaian journalists concerning his legendary status.

Samini came to the music limelight with the genre of melodious mixture of high life, dance hall, reggae and hip-hop.

In fact, according to the critical observation of numerous gigs and releases of Samini, he surpasses being a mere celebrity both locally and internationally.

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He could be tagged as a living legend because he is famous for doing music extremely well.

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Aside, he has changed music genre forever, who transformed the shape of music and created a new outlet for expression.

Furthermore, Samini has the power to influence the entertainment folks. Not only musical gigs, but indeed via philanthropic services, mentorship programs, various campaigns and many more. All these fetch him the qualification to earn the legendary status.

Though music is dynamic, Samini has been able to focus on what his call is up to. Samini has featured and collaborated many musicians both local and international, adding new brand of fame to himself.

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In addition, he has been awarded in his career several times and his leadership skills and communication are also paving way for his success.

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According to the promise Samini gives out to the entire Ghanaians is to do more if he deserves a legend.

To be a legend contains lots of admiration and he promises to produce and do better music and to continue with all the qualities that earned him a legend not only reggae and dancehall but music as a whole.

By Alex Kolan
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