Secret Pops-up: “I Can’t Live With Crimals But Can Live With Decent People” Martin Amidu During His Vetting: Is The Stone Fallen?

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The call for Ghana’s special prosecutor all started when the sitting president, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akoffu Addo and his NPP government promised during 2016 campaign to install that office to help fight corruption outright.

This was a good decision and all Ghanaians embraced the idea because Ghana is sinking of corruption.

special prosecutor
special prosecutor

The Office of the Special Prosecutor of Ghana was established after an act of the Parliament of Ghana passed the Office of Special Prosecutor Bill in 2017.

The office serves as an independent investigating and prosecution body to make inquiries into corruption, bribery, or other criminal cases at the national level whether they be in public or private sector.

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The NPP Government intended to lessen the burden on existing anti-corruption agencies and remove the institutional roadblocks that exist as hindrances to the fight against corruption. With the end result being to make anti-corruption agencies in the country more effective at discharging their duties.

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In addition, government experts have expressed the ineffectiveness of the Attorney-General as an effective prosecution and law enforcement tool in the fight against corruption because the appointment and dismissal of the Attorney-General is determined by the president.

Therefore, the Office of the special prosecutor serves as the autonomous body to handle sensitive cases which the Attorney-General will otherwise be ineffective at handling.

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These reasons called Mr. Martin Amidu to be the first to hold the position of special prosecutor in Ghana under the fourth republic. Everyone had trust in Martin Amidu because his traits prove he is against corruption completely.

Meanwhile, Mr. Martin Amidu during his vetting proceedings, narrated he cannot live with dishonest, corruption promoters and criminals. This completely confirmed that he was the right man for the job. This might be one of the vital factors that influenced and persuaded the vetting committee to consider him for the appointment.

The flashback to the statement Mr. Amidu made together with his resignation is a big blow to the sitting government. This is because since he said he can’t work or live with criminals and the call for resignation is the matter. Concern Ghanaians are asking what criminality went on, goes on and is going on that made Martin Amidu to resign? The sitting government would answer!

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By Alex Konlan,

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