Shatta Wale Isn’t My Father – Joint 77


After being sacked by his former boss, Shatta Wale, Joint 77 was a member of the SM Militants who has averred that the self-acclaimed dancehall king isn’t his father so people should stop asking him (Joint 77) to humble himself when dealing with Shatta Wale.

According to Joint 77, he sees Shatta Wale as his big brother but not as his father.

Joint 77 made this assertion in an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM.

This reaction from him came after a fan asked him to be humble and respect his ‘father’ Shatta Wale.

“I’m very cool with Shatta Wale, there are no qualms between us. I understand when fans say I should be humble to Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale is my brother and a friend but not my father. Shatta Wale’s sons are Addi Self and Captan but I’m his brother”, he stated.

Shatta Wale sacked the SM Militants from his camp for not being serious with work but only interested in the shows. Shatta Wale deemed that as a lackadaisical attitude and that won’t help him as an artiste.

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