Shatta Wale’s mum and Magluv clash on live radio

Shatta Wale’s mum and Magluv clash on live radio

Shatta Wale’s mum and Magluv clash on live radio

The fight between Shatta Wale’s mum and her future daughter in law Magdalene Love this morning took a new twist on Accra based HOT FM when the two met.

Shatta Wale’s mother Madam Elsie Evelyn Avemegah yesterday on the same radio station made several allegations against Magluv including telling the whole world that she(Shatta’s mother) was a witch.

She continued and spoke about how Magluv destroyed her relationship with the baby mama of her son, Michy, some time ago till date.

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In responding to the allegations, Magluv stormed the same radio station to tell her side of the story where she denied ever calling or describing Shatta’s mum as a witch.

But before she could finish telling her story, Shatta’s mum showed up in the studio and when questioned on why she came there, she made mention that she only came to deliver one message that’s for Magluv to stay away from her son and their family dealings.

Things in the studio got heated with Magluv providing audio evidence of Shatta Wale’s mum allegedly telling her(Magluv) that Michy was possessed with 84 demons.

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If not for the timely intervention of the host, and some policemen who were called in to make sure a fight doesn’t break up between the two, things could have gotten worse.

Watch the video below:

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