Shocking News! Methodist Church approves same s3x marriage


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Shocking News! Methodist Church approves same s3x marriage.

This news has caused a public uproar and raised eyebrows on the internet as its content was least expected by staunch Methodist church members and the Christendom at large.

The Methodist Church in Britain has shockingly approved same-sex marriages to be ordained in it’s premises.

A vote to change the definition of marriage at the Methodist Conference on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed by 254 in favour with 46 against.

This new change in the church’s marriage constitution mean that pastors of the denomination will have no other option than to bless same-sex marriages

The Methodist Church in Britain is the fourth-largest Christian denomination with about 164,000 members across more than 4,000 churches.

Church officials hope the first same-sex weddings in Methodist chapels will take place in the autumn.

The Rev Sam McBratney, chair of the Dignity and Worth campaign group who commented on the issue told the media that;

it was a momentous step on the road to justice” after many years of “painful conversations”.

Some of us have been praying for this day to come for decades, and can hardly believe it is nowhere”We are so grateful to our fellow Methodists for taking this courageous step to recognise and affirm the value and worth of LGBTQ+ relationships.

We reassure those who do not support this move that we want to continue to work and worship with you in the Church we all love.

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