Should I Worry If My Guy Want A Break?


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Should I Worry If My Guy Want A Break?

We’ve been dating for two years and everything has been going well for us, as far as I know.

I noticed he was moody not long ago. He didn’t greet me as warmly as he used to when I visited. When I call, he only responds with one word and rarely responds to my texts.

I paid him a visit and brought up the subject of his changing attitude.

Should I Worry If My Guy Want A Break?
Should I Worry If My Guy Want A Break?

“If it’s something I did wrong, please tell me and I’ll apologize.”

He stated that it was not about that.

“Was there anything I should have done but didn’t?” He replied,

“No, not that.” “So, what’s the deal?”

He stated that nothing was wrong with him and that he was fine.

He sent me a message two days later, saying he needed some time to think things through.We should take some time off so he can reflect on his life and his future. I asked how long he’d be there, and he said he doesn’t know, but he’ll let me know when he’s ready. I’m perplexed.

I understand that people need space from time to time, but taking time away from a relationship indefinitely is something I don’t understand.

Dear friends, is it normal for a partner to take an indefinite break from a relationship, or is it just another way of requesting a breakup”

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