Side Chick Escapes Via Window After The Main Wife Knocked The Door

A side chick was busy satisfying the bedroom needs of a married man while the man’s wife returned home.

The woman told the husband she was traveling to her hometown for an emergency call.

Meanwhile, she has been suspecting her husband for going out with ladies. She received a whistle blower’s call alert that a lady has come over to occupy her husband.

She quickly returned home and when she knocked the husband’s bedroom door, she heard something rushing to the window and she entered the room to meet her husband almost naked found wanting in the room.

The whistle blower who alerted the woman was standing outside behind and saw the lady passing through the window and she had some shots of the scene.

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As a matter of fact, the young lady had her way out from attack but the woman and her husband had some misunderstanding which is leading to divioce.

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